Minecraft 1.8 Servers

1 BattlePVP

Faction PVP / Raiding

online play.battlepvp.com
0 of 1000 players
88 votes
2 SkyDreamsMc Network

SkyDreamsMc is a minecraft network currently featuring skyblock and prisons! Our aim is to give all players of all ages a nice place to play minecraft! :D

online skydreamsmc.com
0 of 500 players
77 votes
3 Next Gen Factions

Hello, We are Next Gen Factions. We are thriving to become a 2021 Version of Factions. I have a whole team of people working with me to create this community! We are a Toxic Free, Very chill community. We are always looking for Staff so come on down! Discord: https://discord.gg/XKH68ejPJd

online play.nextgen.tk
0 of 20 players
39 votes
4 AquatiCraft

The AquatiCraft Network provides one of a kind experiences like no other. Chose from a variety of games, such as KitBattle (KitPVP), SkyMania (Skyblock), and more!

online play.aquaticraft.me
0 of 1000 players
10 votes
5 MilkysParadise

Old school factions with new features.

offline play.mikys-paradise.com
0 of 0 players
6 votes
6 RoyalMC

Fun PvP, Factions, Survival, and more!

online play.royalmc.org
0 of 0 players
4 votes
7 aternos

We need devs for the bending plugin! Please apply if you know how to use that plugin!

offline 25565
0 of 0 players
4 votes
8 CenicMc

CenicMC is a skyblock server which is mainly focused on building the server around community ideas We are new and the server is opening on the 6th of December to the public and bugs and new features will be added everyday to ensure that the server is as fun as possible and as enjoyable as possible.

online Play.CenicMc.com
0 of 100 players
1 votes
9 FunzboltMC

Hello! FunzboltMC a Minecraft Server will offer a super fun friendly environment. Our Server is a magic and wizard based server with custom plugins, items and more!!!! We offer a heartwarming community that you can enjoy and have fun with!

online play.funzbolt.com
0 of 20 players
0 votes
10 Merciless PvP

About Merciless PvP is the ultimate 1.8 PvP experience with a variety of amazing features. We have a friendly community in-game and on our Discord. Connect now and join the battle to become the best! The server runs on 1.8.9 and accepts all 1.8 versions.

online play.mercilesspvp.com
6 of 100 players
0 votes
11 Mineultra Network
online play.mineultra.net
0 of 1500 players
0 votes
12 NebulaMC

NebulaMC la mejor network para jugar

online mc.nebulacraft.es
0 of 20 players
0 votes
13 Neon Games

Quieres jugar a un servidor de pvp con amigos muy divertido? Entra ya! Aquí encontraras diferentes modalidades relacionadas al PvP, ya sea SurvivalPvP, Prison, FullPvP, SkyPvP. Entra! y experimentalo tu mismo, no te arrepentirás!

online play.neongms.com
0 of 50 players
0 votes
14 ProFactions

Welcome to ProFactions, a new way to experience factions with amazing features, community engagement, fresh updates, and a looking-to-hire staff team at your service 24/7 for anything you may need. 1.8 - 1.14.4

online profactions.net
0 of 300 players
0 votes

RIPTIDE is a new Minecraft server network! We are currently working on bringing a fun yet quite simple PvP experience. The servers are currently in Early Access.

online riptidemc.net
0 of 1000 players
0 votes
16 ShootMC

Skyblock server, Hub, Survival Server

online play.shootMC.xyz
0 of 200 players
0 votes
17 SurfNetwork
online surfnetwork.org
11 of 100 players
0 votes
18 The Guardian PvP

The Guardian PvP: In this server you can play kit pvp using soups, fireballs, enchants and more.

online TGPvP.us.to
0 of 9999 players
0 votes
19 Vibecraft

Fun faction server with all the plugins you love and a fun community

online vibecraft.connect-mc.com
0 of 20 players
0 votes
20 VirtualMC Network
online play.virtualmc.net
0 of 1 players
0 votes
21 marCloud Minigames Network

A Minecraft server without rule breakers with quality minigames.

online marcloud.net:25565
7 of 3710 players
0 votes
22 prepa
online prepa.minehut.gg
0 of 0 players
0 votes
23 🔥 Arson Network 🔥
online ArsonMC.com
0 of 500 players
0 votes
24 4GODS

Najlepszy MegaDrop w Polsce!

offline 4gods.pl
0 of 0 players
0 votes
25 Apolix

Minecraft server kitpvp and Duels!

offline Apolix.net
0 of 0 players
0 votes