Minecraft 1.16.2 Servers

1 ClownerCraft: A Network for Building

A Network focused on building, with No-PVP Survival, Building Based ranks in Survival and Creative and regular contests!

online clownercraft.net
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19 votes

RPG PVE experience with massive amounts of grinding, leveling, legendary loot and upgrades to find!

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3 Bonecraft

Towny and Survival! Custom enchants, silk spawners, shop gui, auction house, chest shops, player warps and so much more! Running on 1.16.1! IP: play.bonecraft.org

online play.bonecraft.org
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4 Bone Survival

Fun Whitelisted SMP Community! Come and chill! Apply on discord

offline bonesurvival.xyz
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5 GosslyMC

Enjoy SkyBlock with your friends and new people online! Countless things to do in GosslyCraft Join Now!

offline play.gosslymc.xyz
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6 Mincecraft

Completely vanilla server.

offline Mincecraft.serverminded.com
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7 Vertex Survival [VS]

Welcome to Vertex Survival this server is the most nontoxic faction and community in the world! We currently JUST STARTED so we only have Factions but other games will be out soon! -Crates -Vote Crates -Daily Rewards -Auction -lottery -Money system -trading -clans -Discord -Ranks -Kits -Warps -More

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