Minecraft 1.16 Servers

1 RoyalMC

RoyalMC is a Slovenian/English Minecraft Network with a variety of games to choose from.

online RoyalMC.eu
23 of 100 players
6599 votes
2 ShardsMC - Minecraft

A fresh minecraft server came from Romania

offline play.shardsmc.net:25565
0 of 0 players
2961 votes
3 Monumenta

A Free Minecraft-based Action MMORPG with a Complete the Monument Flare.

online server.playmonumenta.com
31 of 200 players
2052 votes
4 BlackMagicCraft

No lag Survival server with a nice community, player shops, auction house, parkour, and more.

online play.playbmc.com
14 of 300 players
1299 votes
5 Minecraft Lucid Access (MCLA)

Minecraft Lucid Access a.k.a MCLA brings the most out of Minecraft with it's enhanced Survival RPG & Skyblock experience. If you are looking for a long lasting end-game experience. You've found it!

online play.minecraft.la
29 of 300 players
1180 votes
6 CookieDO

The CookieDO Network is a brand new JAVA Network with custom ranks, donations, maps, friendly staff, and an active/friendly Discord!

online play.cookiedo-mc.com
28 of 29 players
975 votes
7 GloriousRealms


online play.gloriousrealms.com
40 of 300 players
947 votes
8 ClownerCraft: A Network for Building

A Network focused on building, with No-PVP Survival, Building Based ranks in Survival and Creative and regular contests!

online clownercraft.net
20 of 100 players
908 votes
The Zoglands The Zoglands

The Zoglands is a BRAND NEW (relaunched) hard-mode survival server with PVP enabled. We feature dynamic player shops, professional anti-cheat, land claims (shareable), custom plugins, and more to make your multiplayer experience better.

online play.zoglin.net
3 of 100 players
706 votes
10 AncientRealms

1.16 Economy Survival Server

online play.ancientrealms.org
40 of 300 players
680 votes
11 KCHS Building Project

A special server created based on the owner's school as a theme to provide a platform for school students to interact with each other. Of course, anybody is welcomed to visit the server!

online kchsproject.mcserv.fun
16 of 80 players
485 votes
12 JahCraft

Come join our community oriented Towny server!

online mc.jahcraft.info
2 of 100 players
414 votes
13 Eu Legacy

Join our server today

online play.eu-legacy.com
2 of 500 players
370 votes
14 SilverMC

Vanilla Survival With A Tight And Fun Community

online SilverMC.eu
6 of 1 players
241 votes
15 Fallen Kingdoms

Survival Server With A Difference

offline play.fallenkingdoms.xyz
0 of 0 players
187 votes
16 Bonecraft

Towny and Survival! Custom enchants, silk spawners, shop gui, auction house, chest shops, player warps and so much more! Running on 1.16.1! IP: play.bonecraft.org

online play.bonecraft.org
2 of 100 players
134 votes

RPG PVE experience with massive amounts of grinding, leveling, legendary loot and upgrades to find!

1 of 2020 players
105 votes
18 StylusCraft

Servidor survival donde podrĂ¡s pasarlo en grande con todos nosotros y disfrutar de la comunidad!

online styluscraft.tk
11 of 35 players
65 votes
19 TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.16

TheNRK is full of such amazement and creativity to ensure players enjoy their time on the Network Supporting all versions. Join today on any version as our network ranges across 1.7 - 1.16!

online play.thenrk.net
43 of 1 players
64 votes
20 Cenicmc
online play.cenicmc.com
0 of 450 players
57 votes
21 MiksweezalCraft


online miksweezalcraft.com
0 of 50 players
55 votes
22 MC-Clan

MC-Clan is a survival server that thrives for the originality of vanilla minecraft with the least amount of modification. It is a growing community that has somewhat of a decent playerbase.

online clan.apexmc.co
0 of 0 players
48 votes
23 MinePact

Welcome to the MinePact community! MinePact offers a variety of game modes to satisfy your Minecraft addiction.

online mc.minepact.eu
0 of 40 players
33 votes
24 Absolus: Eco SMP RPG

Eco SMP with minigames and Skyblock

online play.absolus.net
0 of 50 players
29 votes
25 Bapcraft
0 of 50 players
27 votes