Minecraft Realistic Servers

1 Frog Network

FrogSMP is A survival network built to bring players together, regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or how you like to play the game. We’re a growing community of fun and friendly players and staff members playing together across one 7500 x 7500 non-whitelisted survival maps!

offline frognetwork.serv.nu
0 of 0 players
5 votes
2 Earth Factions 1.16.X

Factions Server on a 1/1000 scale earth map

online mc.factionsxxl.com
0 of 20 players
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3 MaxerG

Wij zijn een Minetopia server die al te graag willen groeien. Hiervoor hebben we een gigantische ZELF GEMAAKTE map voorzien.

online play.MaxerG.net
2 of 100 players
0 votes
4 RealisticWorld

Greetings! Are you looking for a survival server that can provide you with a completely realistic survival experience? RealisticWorld is where you want to go!

online play.realisticworld.net
0 of 123 players
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5 SlayMC
online slaymc.com
0 of 0 players
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6 [EN] Nordicfrost

Features: TPA, Homes, Ranks and Economy

online RLCraft.Nordicfrost.net:25593
2 of 40 players
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7 [EU] Adventure - Avaloncs.group

server translation (/lang) , 2 residences(200x200), custom generated worlds, bosses and bloodmoon, free fly in residence, shop, deco heads, jobs, teleport, unique spawners, backpacks, pvp, weather voting, auction house and other interesting features

online mc.avaloncs.group:25620
1 of 60 players
0 votes
8 NotJustRustic

So Much More Than Rustic // Creative!// Survival!// Passport Prisons!// Play.Notjustrustic.net

offline Play.NotJustRustic.net
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