Minecraft PvE Servers

1 Monumenta

A Free Minecraft-based Action MMORPG with a Complete the Monument Flare.

online server.playmonumenta.com
16 of 200 players
2077 votes
2 BlackMagicCraft

No lag Survival server with a nice community, player shops, auction house, parkour, and more.

online play.playbmc.com
9 of 300 players
1317 votes
3 GloriousRealms


online play.gloriousrealms.com
8 of 300 players
966 votes
4 SilverMC

Vanilla Survival With A Tight And Fun Community

online SilverMC.eu
0 of 1 players
242 votes
Phantom Pixelmon Phantom Pixelmon

SKYBLOCK AND KITPVP GULAGS JUST RELEASED NOW!! Come join the fun Pixelmon community or relax and play some skyblock with some of your friends. Or, if you are feeling a bit angry, let it all out at the Kit PVP Gulags!!! Recruiting for staff now!!

online mc.phantom-pixel.com
0 of 100 players
88 votes
6 StylusCraft

Servidor survival donde podrĂ¡s pasarlo en grande con todos nosotros y disfrutar de la comunidad!

online styluscraft.tk
3 of 35 players
66 votes
7 MiksweezalCraft


online miksweezalcraft.com
1 of 50 players
55 votes
8 FortFish

A friendly Survival PVE server.

0 of 0 players
23 votes
9 JellyCraft

1.16.4 Epic Survival mode

online JellyCraft.xyz
9 of 100 players
9 votes
10 Infinite Survival

Jobs - McMMO - PVE - No Grief - Community-Economy - bosses - Mob Arena - Ranks - cluescrolls - more

offline survival.infinites.me
0 of 0 players
8 votes
11 Homestead

Slow Progression, Deathban, Economy, Towny, Roleplay

online homestead.apexmc.co
0 of 70 players
2 votes
12 CenicMc

CenicMC is a skyblock server which is mainly focused on building the server around community ideas We are new and the server is opening on the 6th of December to the public and bugs and new features will be added everyday to ensure that the server is as fun as possible and as enjoyable as possible.

online Play.CenicMc.com
0 of 450 players
1 votes
13 AugmentedMC

Welcome to AugmentedMC! To get you started let me tell you about the server. We are a vanilla survival server with a twist that focuses on nothing more than playing the game that was developed for us.

online play.augmentedmc.net
0 of 50 players
0 votes
14 BeefMC

Here is some information on our server: Whitelisted 24/7 Hosting Massive diverse community/players from across the world Dedicated staff team and constantly updating with new content Gamemodes as of right now: Survival How to join: Server IP: play.beefmc.net

online play.beefmc.net
0 of 100 players
0 votes
15 Bone Survival

Fun Whitelisted SMP Community! Come and chill! Apply on discord

online bonesurvival.xyz
0 of 100 players
0 votes
16 BreweryMC

Brewery MC is a survival economy server centered around creating and selling alcohol, also known as brews. In addition, Brewery MC features player auctioning and custom mob spawners as other means of making money.

online brewerymc.com
0 of 20 players
0 votes
17 Crispy Anarchy | Survival / No Rules
online crispyanarchy.ddns.net
0 of 100 players
0 votes
18 Dark-Realm
online dark-realm.my.pebble.host
0 of 0 players
0 votes
19 ForestCraft

Australian based, semi-vanilla survival, family friendly, no pvp, faction land claiming, basic economy

online play.forestcraftmc.com
0 of 60 players
0 votes
20 Furry Valley
online mc.furryvalley.com
1 of 100 players
0 votes
GoodCraft GoodCraft

We feature dynamic player shops, professional anti-cheat, land claims (shareable), mcmmo, and more to make your multiplayer experience better.

online play.goodcraft.games
0 of 100 players
0 votes
22 HyperVerse

The New Best Server Experience!

online play.HyperVerseMC.com
0 of 2000 players
0 votes
23 Kemist Skyblock

|Kemist Skyblock|1.8-1.16|New Skyblock Server|Crates|Minions|Chat Games|Lottery|Ranks|A lot More| Join Now !

0 of 12 players
0 votes
24 Kingdom of Aer
0 of 1337 players
0 votes
25 Kings of Time
0 of 0 players
0 votes