Minecraft Parkour Servers

1 Minecraft Lucid Access (MCLA)

Minecraft Lucid Access a.k.a MCLA brings the most out of Minecraft with it's enhanced Survival RPG & Skyblock experience. If you are looking for a long lasting end-game experience. You've found it!

online play.minecraft.la
2 of 300 players
4633 votes
2 BlackMagicCraft

No lag Survival server with a nice community, player shops, auction house, parkour, and more.

online play.playbmc.com
2 of 300 players
3182 votes
3 MineEconomy

Welcome to MineEconomy! A 1.16.X Economy Survival that is the best out right now! Come join and start your journey now and control the economy and rise to the top!

offline play.mineeco.com
0 of 0 players
321 votes
4 MinePact

Welcome to the MinePact community! MinePact offers a variety of game modes to satisfy your Minecraft addiction.

online mc.minepact.eu
0 of 40 players
36 votes
5 JellyCraft

1.16.4 Epic Survival mode

online JellyCraft.xyz
14 of 100 players
9 votes
6 Block Game Parkour

A server based on jumping from one block to another.

online BGPK.net
0 of 36 players
0 votes

Custom made perfectly for every beloved survivalplayers. Custommade plugins, with original content for the players. Join for an awesome experience today!

online play.mcesco.net
0 of 100 players
0 votes
8 FairyTail RPS

Fairy Tail RPS is a minecraft server inspired by the Fairy Tail anime. While it is inspired by fairy tail, it has many more features including superpowers and more!

10 of 150 players
0 votes
9 InfernalMC

InfernalMC is an OP Prison server that has been running since November 2018. Some cool features found on IMC are Daily Drop Parties, Unlimited Prestiges, Key Vaults, Token Minions, Custom Enchantments, Pickaxe Levels, Parkour, and much more!

online imcprison.com
23 of 500 players
0 votes
10 MafiaMC
online play.mafia-mc.com
0 of 100 players
0 votes
11 Mineblox Network

MineBlox is a new Minecraft OP Skyblock server that will be releasing at April 1st, OP Skyblock will release beta that will have loads of features that you can enjoy while playing. We will use the beta version to see what you guys like and what features we should remove or improve more and find issu

online play.mineblox.org
0 of 20 players
0 votes

RIPTIDE is a new Minecraft server network! We are currently working on bringing a fun yet quite simple PvP experience. The servers are currently in Early Access.

online riptidemc.net
0 of 1000 players
0 votes
13 Hyper

New Server, Skyblock, Survival, looking for active players, Come join us :D

offline hyper.mcs.cx
0 of 0 players
0 votes
14 MineArmy Network

Minearmy Network, 1.8 & 1.16

offline mc.minearmy.net
0 of 0 players
0 votes
15 Minecraft Romaina

avem de toate pe server, daca vrei intra. daca nu pa :) nushhhhhh

offline minecraftromania.tina
0 of 0 players
0 votes
16 Novacraft ➢ Survival MP

We feature professional, custom plugins, no lag, daily events, free rewards, and more in a survival themed server!

offline play.Novacraftmc.com
0 of 0 players
0 votes
17 PandemicCraft

Pandemiccraft is a smp (survival multiplayer) minecraft server that has various unique and custom features! Experience covid-19 in minecraft! Go through quests and parkours and work up the economy leaderboard to find the ingredients for the cure!

offline pandemiccraft.413.io
0 of 0 players
0 votes