Minecraft Mini Games Servers

1 RoyalMC

RoyalMC is a Slovenian/English Minecraft Network with a variety of games to choose from.

online RoyalMC.eu
8 of 100 players
6615 votes
2 BlackMagicCraft

No lag Survival server with a nice community, player shops, auction house, parkour, and more.

online play.playbmc.com
12 of 300 players
1318 votes
3 ClownerCraft: A Network for Building

A Network focused on building, with No-PVP Survival, Building Based ranks in Survival and Creative and regular contests!

online clownercraft.net
3 of 100 players
916 votes
4 KCHS Building Project

A special server created based on the owner's school as a theme to provide a platform for school students to interact with each other. Of course, anybody is welcomed to visit the server!

online kchsproject.mcserv.fun
18 of 80 players
493 votes
5 Eu Legacy

Join our server today

online play.eu-legacy.com
3 of 500 players
374 votes
6 TheNRK: 1.7 - 1.16

TheNRK is full of such amazement and creativity to ensure players enjoy their time on the Network Supporting all versions. Join today on any version as our network ranges across 1.7 - 1.16!

online play.thenrk.net
53 of 1 players
64 votes
7 SkyDreamsMc Network

SkyDreamsMc is a minecraft network currently featuring skyblock and prisons! Our aim is to give all players of all ages a nice place to play minecraft! :D

online skydreamsmc.com
0 of 500 players
42 votes
8 Absolus: Eco SMP RPG

Eco SMP with minigames and Skyblock

online play.absolus.net
0 of 50 players
29 votes
9 AquatiCraft

The AquatiCraft Network provides one of a kind experiences like no other. Chose from a variety of games, such as KitBattle (KitPVP), SkyMania (Skyblock), and more!

online play.aquaticraft.me
0 of 0 players
10 votes
10 Toxicpalace Network

Toxicpalace, A Java Server with many Minigames and Feature-Voting + Votifier

online play.toxicpalace.eu
1 of 100 players
6 votes
11 BloomNetwork

An extensive minigame-based network with BedWars, SkyWars, Duels, Hunger Games, Turf Wars, BuildBattle, SkyBlock, and Survival. We support Bedrock edition through the IP pe.bnforum.net, port 19132 default. We have a growing community and a Discord server, which can be joined with this link https://w

online play.bloomnetwork.net
1 of 10000 players
0 votes
12 Deathrun
online Deathrun.mygs.co
2 of 10 players
0 votes
13 Dumbcraft

we floor gang so join or you're ceiling gang(cringe)

online Dumbcraft.mcnetwork.me
0 of 10 players
0 votes
14 Elytra Network
online playelytra.com
0 of 10000 players
0 votes
15 LunaticMC

LunaticMC is Minigames and PVP oriented, with 1.8 PVP coming soon!

online play.lunaticmc.net
0 of 0 players
0 votes
16 Mineblox Network

MineBlox is a new Minecraft OP Skyblock server that will be releasing at April 1st, OP Skyblock will release beta that will have loads of features that you can enjoy while playing. We will use the beta version to see what you guys like and what features we should remove or improve more and find issu

online play.mineblox.org
0 of 1250 players
0 votes
17 Niaok 1.8 and over
0 of 1002 players
0 votes
18 Pixel Skies

Fun survival server! Chill Community!

online pixelskies.xyz
0 of 100 players
0 votes

Türkiye'nin minecraft sunucusu SOULCRAFT'a herkesi bekleriz! Turkish, no premium, hub server, eggwars, kitpvp, tekblok skyblock, opskyblock, survival, factions, prison

59 of 500 players
0 votes
20 SurfNetwork
online surfnetwork.org
11 of 100 players
0 votes
21 Torchnight

Enchanted survival server, with MCMMO, custom plugins, RPG maps, and weekly events!

online mc.torchnight.com
0 of 12345 players
0 votes
22 borJS

IP: borjs.feste-ip.net:54492

online borjs.feste-ip.net
0 of 300 players
0 votes
23 marCloud Minigames Network

A Minecraft server without rule breakers with quality minigames.

online marcloud.net:25565
1 of 3710 players
0 votes
24 Apolix

Minecraft server kitpvp and Duels!

offline Apolix.net
0 of 0 players
0 votes
Blueprints Blueprints

Custom made and with a fantastic welcoming community, this is the server for you! Blueprints is the premier PLAY-to-win Survival AND Skyblock server.

offline Hub.blueprints.gg
0 of 0 players
0 votes