Terabyte Gaming Network
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Terabyte Gaming Network (TGN) is a network for gamers all around the world. We have gamers / people who come in from a variety parts of the world mostly stay because they feel safe and they like the environment of the community.

We have people / gamers who come in playing games from Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, Grand Theft Auto V, to many other sorts of games. We don’t judge if you play Barbie’s Adventure, we don’t care, if you play games, it’s games.

Note: We do have any Paid Ranks / Items / Gameplay. We are very EULA compliant and don’t have a Buycraft / Tebex / Any Minecraft “Store”. We will not ask for money or donations directly to the players.

Currently for Minecraft, here is a list of all of the servers we have on our Bungee Network:

- Skyblock (Running and Stable: Could add more Features, might be missing some things)

- Prison (Currently working on it at the moment: Will be finished soon)

- Creative (Stable and Running)

- Factions (Currently working on it: Wait for it be finished)

- Survival (Currently working on it: It’s going to take a bit to work on, possibly)

We are planning to release more variety of servers (or type of gameplay) if the players / gamers want it (If due to high demand).

We do have a Discord Server, so if you want to come in and ask questions before coming into the server, don’t be a afraid.

Discord Link: discord.gg/dXrrCYN

Hope to see you in Discord or the Minecraft Server!