Owner MonumentaMMO
Status online
Players 29/200
Version 1.16.4
Rank 2
Votes 3912
Uptime 32.6%
Last Check 5 minute(s) ago
Country Canada
Types PvESurvivalImmersive

Monumenta is a free, Minecraft-based "Complete the Monument" MMORPG.
Centered around difficult, Survival-mode adventure and enhanced “Vanilla+” combat mechanics, Monumenta provides a unique experience to those looking for a cooperative extension to their vanilla experience.

- Multiple vast, totally custom overworlds populated by scores of respawning mini-dungeons.

- 18 huge, unique dungeons, each with their own theme, mobs, and loot

- Seven player classes, each with special abilities, gear and playstyles to augment vanilla combat mechanics.

- Dozens of quests, with puzzles, interactable dialogue, and a grand story connecting it all

- Hundreds of named, custom gear pieces

- Bosses, races, parkour, daily quests, periodic events, and more!

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