Owner MitzvahCraft
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Website https://mitzvahcraft.enjin.com/
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Version 1.16.3
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Country United States
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MitzvahCraft is a Factions server offering an extremely wide variety of features, from
Bending, to Skyblock, Drop Crates (Coming Soon), Mob Arena, and weekly Events such as the Battle for the Enderdragon Egg every Friday! Whether you're building faction bases, training with elemental powers, collecting dropzones in epic pvp battles, or playing minigames, you will always have a home at MitzvahCraft. We're constantly expanding our available minigames, but as of launch, you can play m
inigames such as:

 - One In the Chamber
 - TnT Run
 - Spleef
 - Survival Games
 - Parkour

 The server is just in Beta Release, so bear with me as we tweak any minor bugs you may encounter with new minigames (Dropzones is still being fixed) and report anything you see needs fixing to the forums. We're looking for staff, so apply if you're interested. If you need anything personally just dm me, I'm always open :). Have a great day! ~ FineOfWar