Merciless PvP
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Version 1.8
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Types PvP


Merciless PvP is the ultimate 1.8 PvP experience with a variety of amazing features. We have a friendly community in-game and on our Discord. Connect now and join the battle to become the best! The server runs on 1.8.9 and accepts all 1.8 versions.


Unlike other PvP servers that are poorly made and only dedicated to PvP, MercilessPvP is different as it is designed with quality in mind and to allow PvPers and non-PvPers to co-exist on the server. There is a server documentation available on our Discord that has extremely detailed explanations (5300 words worth) of almost every feature on the server. The core aspect of this server is to fight others and kill them to gain money and use that money to purchase better gear. The server has an extremely powerful machine-learning anticheat to prevent hackers and what is missed by the anticheat is taken care of by our helpful and responsible staff members that are always available to assist.



We have a large and friendly community of nearly 700 members and growing on our Discord located at [Here]. We also have a growing Instagram page with over 620 followers where we post minor server updates and celebrate the achievements of our players. Our Instagram page can be found [Here].



We often do giveaways on our Instagram and Discord. These giveaways consist of internal prizes such as ranks and in-game money and external prizes such as Discord Nitro, Bitcoin and PayPal money.



We hope that you are convinced to join and we would love to see you on our server! The IP is


See you soon!