Infinite Survival
Owner notso9bit
Status online
Players 0/50
Version 1.16.1
Rank 54
Votes 0
Uptime 0.9%
Last Check 9 second(s) ago
Country United States
Types SurvivalPvEMCMMOEconomy

Infinite Survival is a community-economy driven no-grief PVE server, with a 1.15 Overworld, and a recently reset 1.16 Nether. There are two worlds. The first - our main world, which has default generation and Dynmap coverage, this world is a circle with a 90,000 block diameter. The second world is generated using a custom generator, and is more suited to those who care about build aesthetics more than resource gathering ease, this world also has Dynmap coverage and is a circle with a diameter of 50,000 blocks.

The server offers an extensive ranking system that offers unique perks, more homes, and more jobs. Jobs are the main way of earning income on the server, paired with player-shops and the admin-shop. There also more minor economy related features, such as a lotteryauction house, mob/ore dropped coinsvote rewardscratesCluescroll rewards, and Mob Arenas.


Some other features to note are McMMONo Phantom SpawnsSilk Spawners, Locks, Land Claims, Bosses.


There is a far amount of rules on the server, mostly to avoid unsavory trolls/hackers, here are some of them;

No Griefing: This is defined by breaking another players placed blocks, destroying their area, or damaging clearly owned animals/mobs.

No "Hacking": Using a modified client or resource pack that gives you an obvious advantage over others (xray, fullbright, etc) or any other third party software or hardware that gives you an obvious advantage over others (autoclicker, etc)

Resources: It is against the rules to deface the main world without a valid reason (clearing for building). This includes but is not limited to; Mass deforestation, mass excavation.

No Racism: Being genuinely intolerant or hateful towards a person because of their race.