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Hello! FunzboltMC a Minecraft Server will offer a super fun friendly environment. Our Server is a magic and wizard based server with custom plugins, items and more!!!! We offer a heartwarming community that you can enjoy and have fun with!

What WE have to offer
-A nontoxic community
-Magic and Custom Items Such as Magic Wands, and armor that gives you MAGICAL essence
-CUSTOM enchants to make your experience thrilling.
-Discord server GAMEMODES such as
Idle Miner and Dank Memer Currency!
-Slim to None LAG
- Factions!
-WizardPVP (maybe)
-Custom made maps you will find in no other place.
-Donor Ranks (With OP Stuff, but not to pay to win)
-An Experience Worth While.

Come to FunzboltMC!!!Discord Server: (Join this!!


We will see you there!!