Owner ScottMakesGames
Status offline
Players 0/0
Version 1.15.2
Rank 125
Votes 0
Uptime 96.5%
Last Check 6 minute(s) ago
Country Australia
Types SurvivalVanillaPvE

Welcome to Forest Craft!

Forest Craft is a community that's built around positivity. You should be able to come here to unwind, make friends and have a good time. At the core of this community are five working adults in their 30's.

This server is only two weeks old! (born May 27th, 2020)

Server Info

• Based in Australia
• Mostly Vanilla Survival
• Claim your own land w/ Factions
• Anti-grief plugins
• PVP is disabled (We're working on a separate hardcore PVP world for the future)
• There are no ranks
• We don't accept donations
• We don't have a real-money store
• We don't gamify votes
• We're family friendly
• We're community focused
• We have discord integration
• We have dynamic map
• Basic economy for land claiming

Our Community Guidelines

All we ask is that you be kind to one another. If you're ruining someone else's day, you're doing it wrong. Play however you want to play, just don't cause grief for other people. We ask that you:

• Be kind & respect those around you
• Refrain from discussions that may hurt or marginalise other players
• Keep the chat family friendly
• Don't use cheats / hacks / mods that affect other players
• Don't use any exploits that cause lag on the server

Point your Minecraft client to when you're ready to play!