DeadHorse Anarchy
Owner joleif
Status online
Players 0/80
Rank 23
Votes 10
Uptime 99.9%
Last Check 5 minute(s) ago
Country Germany

Hey everyone!

Im joleif, the creator and owner of DeadHorse Anarchy. We offer a mostly vanilla Anarchy experience with the goal of providing the maximum amount of freedom. The server runs on a very fast CPU to maintain stable server performance.
I always welcome feedback and improvement suggestions so feel free to post them in the discord!



The Spawn is fairly griefed at this point and there was a active dupe not long ago - so go and grab some goodies while they're easy to get!
AntiCheat is very limited and a lot of gliches are possible to do (nether roof is one example)
There are NO RULES whatsoever and no moderation takes place whatsoever.

There are some visual changes and little eastereggs but otherwise the server is only featuring vanilla mechanics.

Custom Group System - !NEW! - create your group and signalize your alligance to said with a chat prefix!