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Version 1.16.4
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Hello, and welcome to CookieDO!

The one place you and your friends can go and feel like you belong.

CookieDO is different, we want you to have a good time, we want you to feel like you belong, we want you to stay, and most importantly we want you to WANT to be here. The success of the CookieDO Network relies solely on the happiness of our players, and we hope you enjoy your time here as much as we enjoy having you. 


CookieDO gives players:

- An extensive interactive Discord where you can hang out, chat, listen to music, and play games with your new friends.

- A massive community of over 100+ active daily players.

- Access to /tpa, /kits, /warps, and /spawn commands, to improve the gameplay experience and give fair access to players old and new.

- Unrestricted access to the Nether and the End.

- The ability to donate for special ranks.

- A massively LGBTQ+ player base, who are super supportive, inclusive, and friendly, regardless of who you are!

- A safe space to be who you want to be, to explore your creativity, and to test your survival skills!