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Players 0/100
Version 1.16.2
Rank 22
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Uptime 31%
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Country United States
Types SurvivalMCMMOEconomyTowny




We first started off as a factions server during September of 2018.

We evolved into a survival server as of June 28th, 2019.

We integrated into a Survival and Towny server as of August 2019.

Our freshest map is March 1st, 2020.




Custom Enchants - The ability to enhance your armor and tools!

Silk Spawners - Everyone can mine up spawners with a silk touch tool!

Shop GUI - Buy and sell items to a shop!

Auction House - Unsure of a shop? Buy and list items on our auction house!

Jobs Reborn - Join up to three jobs as a default rank and earn money on the server!

Money Drops - Earn money by killing mobs, going mining, and fishing!

Custom Fishing - Hear a sound when fish bite your hook! Apply custom baits to catch rarer fish and loot!

McMMO - Level up in skills, and use custom abilities to help you throughout your survival and towny adventure!

Player Warps - As a default rank you can set one warp, and allow players to teleport where you'd like them to go! Maybe a shop, or a parkour? Anything!

Chest Shops - Left click a chest with an item you hold, and name a price in chat, and you've got yourself a shop that sells items to players!

And so many more features!


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Running on 1.16.1!