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Version 1.8
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Welcome to BattlePVP!

Our server is designed to provide simplistic and addicting Faction PVP gameplay.


General Information

There is no way to purchase crates or value with real life currency on our server. It is simply the best Faction wins.


One massive 10,111 x 10,111 world with custom terrain tailored for the mode.


We have a longer and grindier map format of 10 days grace and 10 days raiding.


Our economy is extremely pvp oriented. From a constant stream of daily events being a huge source of value - King Of The Hill, Destroy The Core, Last Man Standing, Boss Battle, Envoy, Meteors, to our 24/7 Outpost Event which provides massive perks for holding down the capture point in a special world.


We use an insanely optimized setup featuring the Hyperion server jar. Smooth as butter cannoning and pvp.


No custom enchantments that make pvp unfair and tiring, nor weapons going above their normal maximum enchantments. Completely vanilla combat other than our very balanced mcmmo skills.


We reward the Top 3 FTOP Factions with the following:

#1. $150 PayPal

#2. $75 PayPal

#3. $50 PayPal


Server IP:

MC Version: 1.8.8 with support for 1.7.10-1.16.4







We hope to see you online!